Message from President

Message from President

Nippon Steel The future of iron and people Create by President Kinya Yannagawa

On March, 2017, NISSHIN STEEL became a member of the Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Group, which marked the beginning of our business reform.

The steel industry in recent years has experienced further progression in globalization and more intensified competition with overseas manufacturers, as well as greater sophistication and diversification in the needs of its customers.

In order to cope with such a severe business environment, we at NIPPON STEEL NISSHIN will further refine the characteristics that define us as an integrated blast furnace steel manufacturer that specializes in surface-treated steel, and ordinary and special steel. Additionally, we will further improve our distinct product line and meticulous development and marketing endeavors, both of which also constitute advantages that we offer, and work towards enhancing our sustainable growth and corporate value.

Moreover, we will keep on tackling the creation of a synergy effect with the Nippon Steel Group as a member of that group, which seeks to further strengthen the position of “the Best Steelmaker with World-Leading Capabilities”.

We at NIPPON STEEL NISSHIN feel it is our mission to satisfy all of our customers and to maintain its position as a company that continues being chosen by them. To achieve the mission, we will continue to strive day after day.

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